The authentic Thai Massage pleasure in Madrid.

Body to Body Massages



Join a new ultra-sliding adventure with the Original Soapy Massage and the Best Erotic Masseuses in Madrid, very close to you.

A foam party prepared just for you (or with your partner too) is ready to give you the most erotic bubble bath you can imagine.

Professional and well trained masseuses in the Art of Erotic Massage are here to fill you with foam, relaxation and unimaginable pleasure.

Every part of the Masseuse’s body of your choice (women and men masseurs) will be in continuous contact with your body thanks to the soapy preparation to make this pleasant and eccentric Thai Massage, one of your best experiences!

What is Soapy Massage?

It is an eccentric Erotic Massage performed in an unconventional way. Originally from Thailand.

The original version of this acclaimed massage is very well known and sought after in that country, so here we adopted and adapted its best version for you to enjoy this little piece of heaven.

Here we change the use of conventional relaxing massage oil for a special soap solution (based on olive oil and coconut) that allows a continuous contact between you and the masseuse.

In addition, it is given in a Tatami for your absolute comfort, perfectly conditioned so that you can enjoy it without thinking about anything else.

Not a single part of your body escapes without being wrapped in this majesty, which is very well known, appreciated and valued in the Eastern World.

“And besides, Hands are almost not used“!

The best Body to Body Massage you can imagine, you have it here, in Madrid, very close to you…

Where can you receive the Best Soapy Massage in Madrid?

This is an unconventional massage, so you will need our professional and well trained Erotic Masseuses to enjoy the Best Soapy Massage in Madrid.

Make your Appointment for the best interpretation of this Soapy Massage in the version of 1 masseuse, or in the Burguer Massage version (Sandwich Massage) with 2 masseuses.

Come, and we will tell you how we start with a delicious erotic shower with the Masseuse of your choice and exfoliating gels for your maximum relaxation,

And then we move on to the “Dirty” Soapy Massage, where we make room for imagination, body contact, interaction with the masseuse(s), tantric postures, footjob

Everything you can imagine (guided by our code of conduct-FAQ´s) in a single Erotic Massage, for you (or with your partner).

The Soapy Massage and other erotic massages at your disposal, only at the Best Massage Center in Madrid “DHARMA”.

More about or Tantris Postures?



All the good benefits obtained from a good relaxing massage:

– Relaxes body and mind, relieves anxiety and stress.

– Helps the good circulation of the Blood in the skin.

– The feeling of well-being is almost immediate.

– Hydration of the skin (as well as its elasticity)…


Anyway, what are you waiting for to try this little piece of heaven, here in Madrid?

The Best Erotic Masseuses are waiting for you to make your session a unique, different and sparkling experience!


Following our principle of making your erotic experience an exceptional tribute to your body, come and meet us today!

You will love discovering everything your body can experience.