NURU MASSAGE – A World Sensation

The Best Nuru Massage in Madrid

Body to Body Massages

The Nuru Massage is an unconventional technique that we have turned into Our Star Massage.

It is not the typical classic massage that is done with the hands over your whole body.

Here the massage-receiver body contact is absolutely constant, slippery and wet.

If you haven’t tried it before, we can assure you that you will be captivated by the unique sensations of the special ultra-sliding and original Nuru Gel that we use at Dharma Massages Madrid, as well as the technique and skill that our authentic Professional Erotic Masseuses require to maintain the balance of their entire body over your body, and eroticism at its best.

If you have tried it before, we assure you that you have never tried anything like it here before. As we have said before, we use unique and original Gels to make the experience even more accurate and explosive, as well as using original and genuine techniques, and taking a step beyond the common and commercial.

It is an authentic Nuru Naked Massage sparks all the senses, makes you vibrate like never before and in good company everything feels good.




What and how is the Nuru Massage?

The Nuru Massage is nothing more than a technique originated in Japan (specifically in Kawasaki City) where the masseuse is willing to use “everything” (yes, everything!) her body over you.

A very original technique created based on a need and a lot of restrictions in the sexual field in that country (and in many others), which has spread all over the world because of the particularity in how it is done. Excluding everything that sex is concerned with (the act itself as such), and giving entry to the Sensuality of the female Curves in other forms of expression, making room for other alternatives of pleasure through the sense of touch.

Hands, arms, forearms, knees, legs, buttocks, feet.

The whole body of the masseuses is literally in contact with your body constantly thanks to the Nuru Gel, which is quite slippery.

Unlike the traditional erotic massage (where Professional Massage Oil, Almond Oil, etc. is used), in this massage we use this NURU gel, which is made of Nori Algae and is odourless and colourless, which your skin will appreciate, and which is also ultra-sliding, it will facilitate and encourage all the movements that the Masseuse will make on your body.

It is a unique experience because it includes the greatest amount of body to body massage during the whole sesion, which is given both with the masseuse’s chest and with the buttocks, the masseuse body and yours will never lose contact during the massage.

However, it is not a simple sliding body to body massage. Within all the knowledge and practice that our Professional Erotic Masseuse must have, is the authentic massage with pressures in specific parts of your body.

With the significant difference that it will not be done only with the hands. The masseuse uses her arms and forearms to do specific and relaxing pressures on the legs and back. Imagine all the magnetic passes that can make on all your body with her buttocks, as well as exerting pressures on larger areas of the body loaded with tension.

With a good command of the feet (foot Job) not only in the genital area we exert pressures in the lower back; also with the knees…

In short, it is not just a simple slip. It is an elaborate massage work with full body contact, without losing the elegance, eroticism and professionalism.

The Nuru Naked Massage, is designed to be received by men and women (and couples), since it feels very good, and why not? Let yourself be carried away by the music and these pleasant movements this will always be well received by your body.

We do the Nuru Massage on a tatami, as it requires a lot of skill, technique and ability to give it, and nothing better than the comfort of a spacious tatami to receive this massage.

Remember, we are Professional Erotic Masseuses, and although there may be some questions about the relationship of this Nuru Naked Massage with other types of services, we leave you here the link to our FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

Benefits of Nuru Naked Massage

  • In the case of couples, it can spark your relationship.
  • You can learn to discover more than just physical connection.
  • Improves emotional connections (when you learn to receive or give and apply it in your life as a couple)
  • It’s a spiritual journey.
  • Significant increase in well-being after receiving it
  • Total relaxation of the muscles.
  • Hydration of the skin.
  • Release of toxins from the body.

To make it even more intense and interactive we combine Interactive Tantric Postures (like those of the Kamasutra, yes!) where your whole visual field will also enjoy this experience, guided by expert hands with our erotic masseuses. And we add to finish a very liberating Lingam (or Yoni) Massage

Do you want to know more about the Tantric Postures that we practice in Dharma Massages Madrid?


Throughout the massage you will experience what it is like to be on the verge of climax constantly.

Where can you get the Best Nuru Massage?




If you don’t have a life partner who has these skills and a desire to explore beyond the ordinary, or you simply want to take some time out of your busy life and enjoy yourself, you don’t need to travel miles from where you are.

Our talented erotic masseuses have been authentically trained to give you amazing pleasure, and we are very close to you.

So you don’t have to travel to Japan for that! Interested?

Following our principle of making your erotic experience an exceptional tribute to your body, come and meet us today! You will love discovering everything your body can experience.