POINT P (for him) and POINT G (for her)

Prostatic massage and stimulation of male genitals.



POINT P. The Prostate.

The prostate or P-Spot is a gland within the male sex organs. And it has the size and shape of a walnut (approximately, although over the years it changes in size, expanding a little more), located between the bladder and the root of the penis.

This is an area full of nerve endings and it is very receptive to touch, and when stimulated it creates an ovation of intense pleasure and even orgasms (sexually speaking only, as there are more therapeutic massages).

There are many ways to perform Prostatic Massages that really conclude in benefits. You can either do a SELF-MASSAGE (that is to say, yourself) or you can come to our Massage Centre and get a Professional Sensitive Prostatic Massage from our wide range of Massage menu.

This particular massage aims to stimulate the prostate ducts to release excess seminal fluid (the fluid that mixes with sperm to create semen). And it brings with it an explosive and pleasant erogenous stimulus.

Although it is true that you have to be very tactful and know how to do it, it also influences the mental state of the person who is receiving it. Always within the state of consciousness and communication with your erotic masseuse,

this will be achievable and the session will be a positive and pleasant experience.

Our Erotic Masseuses are Professionals who know how to guide you on the path to pleasure through various forms and thus get out of the monotonous and common.

The prostate and the entire male anal area is full of nerve endings; this causes a unique and deferential stimulus in your body, as well as being totally pleasurable when you are willing to receive them.

Not necessarily meant for the entire male population. But, it is true that many have been positively surprised by the experience.

As you relax, accept this as a positive stimulus and see your body’s ability to produce one of the greatest orgasms you can experience, you will want to repeat it!
It helps to reach a state of arousal before starting a prostatic massage. By doing this, the gland is turned slightly upwards and backwards as the penis becomes more erect.


  • First of all, we begin with the process of relaxation.
  • It is easy to achieve this when you come to DHARMA MASSAGES MADRID as you will benefit from a relaxing Massage Base to start with; music, aromas and soft lights for you.
  • After the relaxing Erotic Massage all over your body and some other things that we include to season each and every one of our massages we move on to the Lingam Massage.
  • We then do a Prostatic Massage and Lingam Massage Fussion so that all the sensations you experience are as pleasant and explosive as possible.
  • There are different passes and specific movements that we do to stimulate your Prostate (circular, light touches, long passes…)
  • As always, the state of connection with your Erotic Masseuse has to be present as well as being aware of what you are experiencing at all times.
  • Let your feelings flow (good communication with your masseuse is key)
  • Enjoy the best experience.



  • It can be applied externally (which would be great to begin with)
  • It can help prevent erectile dysfunction
  • It can help prevent prostate cancer
  • Because it opens doors to the reversal of roles
  • There are many products available to do it (lubricants, sex toys …)
  • Because you will have a stronger erection
  • Will strengthen the orgasm
  • Because it’s something new
  • Because the stigma is in the past (or we fight to make it so)
  • Because you’re not alone if it’s something you want to try
  • Because it can hit parts of the penis inside the body, experiencing great new sensations.

We welcome you to try this and other of our male genital stimulation techniques at the best Erotic Massage Centre in Madrid.





Stimulation of the G-spot and female genitalia.

A unique Erogenous Zone that brings with it a lot of nerves and tissues, which transform or change when faced with a stimulus. It exists, and it has a name “The G-spot”.

A frequent question I hear is whether stimulating a woman’s G-spot is equally effective among women. The answer is NO! Not all women feel the same pleasure, nor do they all like to be touched with the same rhythms, pressures or anything else. So, that being said, let’s continue…


If we were to draw a clock on a woman’s body, where the 12 o’clock would point to the head, then in that same direction we would find that famous G-spot. It’s not that easy or simple to find, even when self-explorating, because of the angle (backwards) at which it is found, it could be challenging.

But do not think that it is easy to please. It’s a complicated point. Why? Basically because what works for some girl or partner, doesn’t have to work the same way for another girl, plus what worked for the same girl this morning, doesn’t have to work the same way at night, even temperature is important.

Subtly exploring it with your fingers would be the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it comes with instructions, or that it will work just as effectively every time you try it. Before you get to this G-spot, we recommend warming the intimate area, this time is key, work together with your partner to be engaged. Since it doesn’t always want to be touched or stroked, what’s the best thing you can do? Learn to perceive your partner’s gestures. They will be the best indicators letting you know you are on the right track!

What works perfectly with one body does not have to work with another.

By stimulating the G-spot you can have different results: There are those who have blissful orgasms! And those who don’t feel it that special, or simply prefer to skip it because they haven’t experienced anything positive.

As a recommendation, don’t expect anything, enjoy exploring and let it surprise you!


It is possible, thanks to existing techniques, such as YONI MASSAGE.

We have mastered this technique, with a little practice, patience and dedication we perform an excellent G-spot massage as well.

To find the G-spot, you should then “bend or arch” your fingers into a C, slide them into the vagina and explore.

You can find a “different” surface by touching it. That would be the G-spot, a soft, spongy like skin behind the clitoris.

Ideally (once found or in the process of) massaging it with gentle and delicate movements, but alternating between pressure, gliding and speed. In order to find out in detail what are those precise moments you enjoy the most.

Simultaneously to this, you could even massage the clitoris or the pubic bone at the same time, and achieve a very explosive orgasm!

Don’t get frustrated by not finding it at the first attempt, don’t expect anything in return so you can enjoy the experience completely.

Don’t forget the other parts of your body that are waiting to be explored as well. It involves the G-spot, the clitoris, the nipples. In short, enjoy exploring!

In Dharma Massages Madrid we make an effort to get to know your body (or your partner’s) a little better, and we are sure that these tricks and this text we have written will throw some light on the so mythical G-spot and all that brings with it.

Male and female massage professionals are at your service here at Dharma Massages Madrid


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In our Erotic Massage Services you will find several massages that include the Lingam (or Yoni) massage and the Prostatic Massage and we always have good results and comments. So do not stop coming and try it at the Best Erotic and Tantric Massage Center in Madrid with the help of unique and specialized erotic masseuses!!