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What is a Massage? What is an Erotic Massage like? What are the benefits of an Erotic Massage? What are the types of Erotic Massages we offer at Dharma Massages Madrid?

In Dharma Massages Madrid we strive to understand and take into account all the benefits that a good massage can offer you, as well as the differences between some types of known massages, especially with an emphasis on Erotic Massages, of course! !!




As well as the typology of erotic and tantric massages that we work with at Dharma Massages Madrid.

In our menu of Erotic Massages you will find a variety of massages, and they are divided into 3 types of Erotic Massages. Because every person who comes to our center has different tastes and demands and our Erotic Masseuses are delighted to be able to please you.



The purpose of erotic massages, which is what we are interested in talking about, is to release the tensions of the body and thus increase body (and mental) well-being, and, although they do not have the final goal of reaching the climax, it happens frequently, so it frees your body and mind completely, besides opening you to the world of receiving and giving pleasure through contact, friction, caresses and many techniques that are mixed and used to

make this experience something totally incredible.

So emotionally and sensitively it is very liberating, and brings with it even more benefits such as relieving sexual pain, releasing muscles, releasing anxieties, helping to relax the body and can even help lighten headaches !!!


Types of Erotic Massages we offer at Dharma Massages Madrid

Since I have told you a little about the benefits of erotic massages, we explain the 3 types of massages with which we work at Dharma Massages Madrid:



In our erotic massage menu you will find a section of Passive Massages. This type of Massages are only receiver kind.

It means that in this case, and although we continue talking about an erotic massage in combination with tantric techniques, you will let yourself be carried away by the feelings that concentrate only on you, on your receiving, on what you open and believe that you really deserve to be treated in a unique way, because you deserve it !!!

So, in short, breathing is harmonized, all attention is placed on you, stretching, kneading, caressing and endless additions just for you.

The objective of this massage is to harmonize, let flow and stimulate all the energy of your body and thus balance all its functions. In this case we add a special touch that is always accompanied by a special touch of manual work in the genital area,

including the Lingam or Yoni massage, and  if your body wants let yourself go and everything will flow … (See MASSAGE TANTRA CLASSIC )





The second type of massage on our menu of erotic massages are guided style massages. It means that only under the guidance of your erotic masseuse, you can interact with gentle caresses on your body.

In this case we are raising the erotic load of massage. Since not only you receive, but, that in a guided way, the erotic masseuse will take your hands and put them on her  body.

By doing this, the sense of touch expands even more.

This type of massage has largely included a receiver-style massage, only we add the spicy touch of interacting (though not at free will) with the erotic masseuse.

Feel everything and let yourself be guided by expert hands willing to please you !!!

Keeping in line to harmonize and stimulate the energy of your whole body, interacting with your erotic masseuse in a guided way, even more varieties of touches are included throughout your body, going through your entire body with varieties of techniques and unique touches, including a LINGAM or YONI massage, body to body techniques and the Prostatic Massage, that make this massage, a medium erotic load but with a lot of playful and enjoyable experiences.

Within this type of massage you will find 2 massages with an overwhelming visual erotic charge, such as a 4-hand massage, and Lingerie.





Here we raise the erotic level to the maximum. In this case we not only concentrate on receiving a pleasant massage throughout your body full of caresses and techniques that will make you clear your day to day, stress and any other burden that you carry.

In addition to this, and all the benefits that erotic massages can give you, you will be able to interact more freely with the erotic masseuse, ready to receive your caresses (accepted within our code of conduct). Within this type of massages we include the most complete, sensitive and erotic massages, in addition to adding unique erotic masseuses.

You will find in our menu of erotic massages unique massages and with a lot of content. The Thai Fussión, Gay Massage, Massages for Couples, Bondage and the special and unique Nuru Naked.

All these with a high erotic charge usually include many curiosities, such as, for example, the Prostatic Massage, Tantric Postures of high visual and sensitive load, Advanced LINGAM and YONI Massages, Body to Body, Massages With the knees and elbows on your body, special massages with the feet for the most fetish …

In short, a wide variety to fulfill your deepest desires and in the hands of authentic erotic masseuses.


You see, in Dharma Massages we strive to fulfill requests and make unique and unrepeatable massages in each session.

With a delicately decorated space, smells that transport you to other dimensions, music specially chosen to intone an excellent session of erotic massage, and seasoned masseuses with a lot of dedication to pay tribute to your body, they will accompany you,

at Dharma, the best Center of Erotic Massages of Madrid.


You know what you want? Now find the best, and make your APPOINTMENT!




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